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Sass Functions

Behind the scenes, Foundation is powered by a set of utility Sass functions that help us work with colors, units, selectors, and more.


All of Foundation’s Sass utilities are in the folder scss/util, and broken up into multiple files by category. You can import every utility file at once using this line of code:

@import 'util/util';

Or, utilities can be imported individually.

// Color manipulation
@import 'util/color';

// Selector generation
@import 'util/selector';

// Unit manipulation and conversion
@import 'util/unit';

// Value checking and extraction
@import 'util/value';

Variables, functions, or mixins prefixed with -zf- are considered part of the internal API, which means they could change, break, or disappear without warning. We recommend sticking to only the public API, which is documented below.